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Nature photography

Nature Photography:

Art in the Park

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Do you like photography? If you do, then Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara is an area with unlimited creative possibilities. Not just the breathtaking scenery with mountains and rivers, deserted villages and ruins, but also the world of plants, animals and insects that you can capture with your camera.


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More about our offer

One-day excursion nature photography
Art in the Park: 6 days nature photography and full board Photos made by our guests and ourselves during the excursions

More about our offer
With our excursion programme we like to guide you to the best locations for landscape photography, as well to those for flora and fauna.
Because we know the area well, we know what's possible in every week of the season.

For those who want to focus 6 days on nature photography, and don't want to waste time in seeking the best destinations, the optimum way is to choose the "Art in the Park" package or, special for bird lovers, a "BirdPicture" package, both include full-board accommodation and full day guided photographic opportunities.


Empusa Fasciata, photo: Henk Zweers


Praying Mantis, award winning photo by Liesbeth van Vliet


Our offer:

One-day programme nature photography:

Number of persons: individually or with a group up to 3 people.

Dates: Subject to availability all dates possible from October 1st until June 30th.

Hours: from 10.00 hours-18.00 hours. We start with a discussion during which the details of the programme of the day will be set.

Includes: coffee, tea and lunch, transportation from a pre-determined collection point to a location for outdoor photography.

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Art in the Park: package of 6 days nature photography and full board accommodation

This is a combination package for nature photographers who want to spent their time comfortable as effective. You combine full-board accommodation in our perfect and friendly Casa Rural Finca la Sierra in Berzocana with every day photographic possibilities on the best spots for landscapes, insects, flowers, reptiles, fossils and so on. Also good photos can be made from out of the car or just being in the field. Our aim is to introduce you to the best places and to maximise your opportunities to photograph, in the best responsable way.
The Casa Rural offers large sleeping rooms with double or single beds and en-suite bathroom, towels, linen etc. everything is provided. Meals are served at the hour you request and we take great pride in serving good food that makes the most of the best products this region offers. Most important and interesting areas are within easy reach. Groups are kept small and you are encouraged to express any special wishes.
We of Discover Extremadura are your English speaking guides and bring you with our SUV's to the locations, with the promise of spectacular scenery and some breathtaking drives. You sit back and enjoy!
You bring your own photo equipment, we take care of the rest.
The prices include breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner, coffees, teas, transportation with our SUV's, insurances. Your extra drinks and consumptions in the Casa Rural are for own costs.

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Photos (select to zoom in / out)
Early spring with Cork oaks, photo: Ueli and Susi Schlatter
Wild Artichoke, photo: Liesbeth van Vliet
Donkey and flowers, photo: Ben van den Broek
A drop of water, photo: Liesbeth van Vliet
Upcoming thunderstorm in La Serena, photo: Liesbeth van Vliet
Terrapin, photo: Denis Compton
Red deer in mating season, Monfragüe, photo: Danny Plettinckx
Iberian frog, Berzocana, photo: Etienne de Keukelaere
Cytinus hypocistus, Berzocana, photo: Angelique Aelen
Little Owl, la Serena, photo: Berry Bekkering
Scorpion, photo: Peter van der Weiden
Cabeza del Moro, Geopark, first-prize winner by Liesbeth van Vliet

Should you have more wishes for staying overnight in the Geopark or an other wonderful location in Extremadura, please let us know. Through us you can make a reservation at no extra costs for a bungalow, apartment, other Casa Rural (B&B) or Hotel.