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Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara can be characterised as a big open-air museum. It is full of astonishing rock formations, fossils and remains from the ages of the first human settlements (7000 years before present time); from the Roman and Moorish periods; the times of the travels of the great explorers and the more recent initiatives for industrialization in the 19th century.
A town that still retains wonderful ancient architecture and museums for handicraft and arts is Guadalupe.

For the Geopark there are indicated more than 40 official points of interest - the so-called Geosites. With the selection we make of those you can
enjoy the exceptional geological, natural, historical and cultural features of the Geopark. Use the Links-page to see the descriptions of all Geosites (in Spanish and partly in English). 
cave with rock paintings
ichnofossils ( trace fossils)
The Rio Almonte fracture near Retamosa

Our Offer:

Guided excursion Geopark:

Number of persons: Individually or with up to 4 people. 

Dates: Subject to availability possible throughout the year (except July and August). 

Hours: from 10.00 - 18.00 hrs.

Programme: Flexible programme, we will take your personal wishes into consideration.

  • Geosites: caves with prehistoric rock drawings, fossils, points of geomorphological interest.
  • Specialized route to the recently restored Phosphorus mine in Logrosán, ancient watermills along the Rio Almonte, ruins of the Roman and Moorish empires, abandoned railway stations and tunnels.
  • Visit to the historic town of Guadalupe.

Included in the excursion: transportation from one collecting point; coffee, tea and a lunch or dinner package.

Note: You have to deal with some demanding hikes through the hills and mountains.

Extension per day is possible; we discuss the programme possibilities with you.

-- See our pricelist -- -- bookings and more info --

Our excursions are exclusive and private for you or your group. This means that we tailor the excursion programme according to your wishes and our programmes are not standard, nor do we take other participants in order to make up a group. It means that we spend plenty of time for observation or for taking photographs.

The Geopark is also known as the "Blue Mountains"

Should you wish to stay overnight in the Geopark or an other wonderful location in Extremadura, please let us know. We own the Casa Rural Finca la Sierra (B&B) in Berzocana, but through us you can make a reservation at no extra costs for a bungalow, apartment, other Casa Rural or Hotel.

Phosphorus mine Constanaza in Logrosán Never used raliway bridge near Guadalupe